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Safety Patrol

How to sign-up:

In the spring each year, 4th grade Students are invited to join Safety Patrol.  They need to write a 1 page letter describing why they'd be a good candidate for Safety Patrol. Their teachers need to fill out a recommendation form based on their classroom behavior and academics.
The Safety Patrol supervising teacher then selects 20 candidates.
 person crossing street - signOnce selected (20 total; 4 for each day), they need to choose 1 day of the week where they are responsible for the following times:
Mon., Tues, Wed. Fri: 7:55-8:35
Thurs: 7:55-8:35 and 12:55-1:25
Students meet with our assigned San Diego Police Department officer every week to review procedures and practices.  These students are trained by the San Diego Police Department to enforce safe crossing to and from school.