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Parking Information

Parking Lot – Traffic and parking before and after school requires planning and patience.  Traffic is most problematic between 7:35 –7:45 a.m.  Therefore dropping your child closer to 7:20 when parking lot and playground supervision becomes available may reduce some of the traffic you will need to face.  Please follow instructions from parking lot supervisors, pull up as far as possible into the yellow lines, and instruct your child to immediately exit the car on the side closest to the sidewalk. Waiting until this time to give your child supplies, get items from the trunk, or give your child last minute instructions can cause traffic delays.  Please be considerate of the families in cars behind you and park in a designated spot if you require more time with your child.
School Pick-Up – School dismisses at 1:45 p.m. Monday- Friday.  We respectfully request prompt pick up of your Kindergartener at Gate A IN PERSON.  We cannot send our kinder students out to the parking lot.  It is a hand-to-hand dismissal  Grade 1 students should be picked up at Gate B, and all students in grades 2-5 will exit at Gate C  Students left anywhere on school grounds after dismissal will need to be signed out and picked up inside the front office.  Please consider the after school professional obligations of teachers and staff to prepare next day’s learning, and be prompt.  If you are unable to arrive punctually for pick-up you may enroll your child in our wonderful ESS program (see below).